The biblical tradition of Anointing
1-day event 
Great for church staff, women's groups, church groups, in-home study groups, 
clergy retreats & more!!

Imagine people attending a fun, experiential 1-day event where they are encouraged to bring their Bibles, along with the willingness to participate in the reading of scripture. Imagine a casual time of learning... as folks take in the aromas of several biblical oils, learn about the benefits of incorporating the sacred tradition of anointing into a daily practice of stillness and leave with a spiritual enrichment that may not have been anticipated.

My name is Kim. I have a strong belief that we can live a healthy balanced life when we incorporate biblical living in our lifestyle. We can also show our families and future generations how they can experience the life that God means for us to have. 

The scriptures tell us that Jesus came so that we can "have Life and have it more abundantly." So, we must ask: 

Are there practical things, intentional things we can do to honor and care for... the precious gift of life given to us?  

Well, I say "YES," absolutely there are! That's what this event is about. It's about how folks in biblical times found a healthy balance: Mind, body and spirit, through the ancient tradition of anointing and how we can do the same, today.    

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Kim S Kruse